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How Can UnRuffled Pets® Products Be Used With Elizabethan Collars?

dog wearing e collar

UnRuffled Pets® pheromone products can be a valuable adjunct to the use of Elizabethan collars (E-collars) in managing post-operative or injured pets. Pheromones are chemical substances produced by animals that can affect the behavior and physiology of other animals of the same species. For pets, synthetic pheromones are created to mimic natural ones and can help in reducing anxiety and promoting calming behaviors.

Here's how UnRuffled Pets® pheromones can be used alongside E-collars:

Stress Reduction: The use of an E-collar can be stressful for many pets. They might feel restricted, uncomfortable, or frightened by the unfamiliar object. Pheromones can help reduce this stress and make the adjustment period smoother.

Spray on the E-collar: If you're using a pheromone spray, you can lightly spray it on the outside of the E-collar. This allows the pet to continually be exposed to the calming effects of the pheromone. Ensure that the spray doesn't come in contact with wounds or surgical sites.

Pheromone Diffusers: If you have a pheromone diffuser, place it in the room where the pet spends most of its recovery time. This can help create a calming environment, reducing the pet's overall stress and anxiety.

Pheromone Collars: Some pheromone products come as collars infused with calming agents. If a pet wears both an E-collar and a pheromone collar, ensure they're both properly fitted and that one doesn't interfere with the other.

Reduce Licking and Chewing: While E-collars physically prevent pets from reaching wounds or surgical sites, pheromones can decrease the anxiety that often triggers excessive licking or chewing behaviors in the first place.

Duration: As with E-collars, the duration for using pheromones will depend on the individual needs of the pet and the advice of the veterinarian.

Monitoring: Always monitor your pet for any signs of allergic reactions or adverse effects when introducing any new product, including pheromones.

Integration with Other Methods: Pheromones can be used in conjunction with other relaxation techniques or products, such as calming music, gentle massage, or even certain calming supplements (always consult with a vet before introducing any new supplement).

In conclusion, using pheromones alongside E-collars can be beneficial in managing post-operative or injured pets. It can provide an additional layer of comfort and help in reducing stress-related behaviors. Always consult with a veterinarian when considering the use of pheromones or any other adjunct treatments.



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