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How to Travel with Pets: On the Road with Nova & Novi

Hello there!

Nova here, and alongside my feline friend, Novi, we're ready to share some insights into the world of pet travel. Whether you're hitting the open road or just heading to the vet, embarking on a journey with your furry companion can be an adventure filled with joy and cherished memories.

Novi (Cat) and Nova (Dog) traveling in the car.
Novi the cat and Nova the dog, taking a trip in the car.

However, we know the road to pet travel bliss isn't always smooth. From those car ride jitters to the ever-dreaded motion sickness, here are some hurdles we've faced and tips to make your pet's journey a wag-worthy one:

Anxiety and Stress:

Novi: Cats like me can be a bit finicky, especially in new situations. Make car rides a positive experience with treats and cozy carriers.

Motion Sickness:

Nova: Just like humans, some of us pups get queasy on the road. Keep car rides short initially and ensure good ventilation to ease the discomfort.


Novi: Dogs aren't the only ones who can get antsy. Provide familiar toys and cozy blankets to help us feel secure and relaxed.

Fear of Car or Carriers:

Nova: Some of us have trust issues with those four-wheel things. Make the car a happy place by associating it with treats, playtime, and positive vibes.

Noise Sensitivity:

Novi: Loud honks and engine roars can be a bit much. Consider using calming pheromones like those from UnRuffled Pets to ease our anxiety.

Temperature Issues:

Nova: Hot cars are a big no-no! Keep us cool and comfy, and never leave us unattended in a car.

Improper Restraint:

Novi: Safety first! Secure us with a comfy harness or carrier to avoid any unexpected escapes or accidents.


Nova: Accidents happen, but we prefer them not to. Take breaks for bathroom breaks and keep a 'just-in-case' kit handy.

Travel-Related Health Issues:

Novi: Long journeys need breaks, water, and bathroom stops. Keep us healthy and happy on the go.

Remember, gradual acclimation, positive reinforcement, and the right gear can turn any pet travel frown upside down. And for an extra boost, check out UnRuffled Pets Pheromones – our secret weapon for a stress-free journey.

Safe travels and wagging tails,

Nova 🐾 & Novi 😺, Your Adventure Companions at UnRuffled Pets®


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