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Novi and Nova

In the quaint town of Behavia, dogs and cats never got along. Their squabbles were legendary, leading to chaos and dismay. However, every legend has its heroes, and Behavia was no different.


Enter Nova, the dog, and Novi, the cat – two unlikely mascots destined to reshape the world of pet behavior.

Inspired and enlightened, Nova and Novi decided to use this newfound knowledge for the betterment of Behavia. With the power of the discoveries, they started sharing their newly acquired know-how, showcasing the benefits of these new-age techniques. Dogs learned to channel their energy through games and tasks, while cats discovered the joys of structured play and mindfulness.

News of their knowledge spread like wildfire.

Novi and Nova with secret scroll

One fateful day, while escaping from a particularly heated dog-cat chase, Nova and Novi stumbled upon a hidden cave on the outskirts of Behavia. Inside, they discovered secret scrolls and tablets. Drawn by the mysteries it held, they began to read together. The scrolls included Mystic Medica which revealed tinctures, techniques, and rituals that helped pets channel their energy positively, transforming their behavior.


Nova, a spirited and curious young pup, was famous for his misadventures. From digging up the mayor's garden to chasing after the milkman, he was a whirlwind of chaos. His mischiefs, though never malicious, always led to a trail of comically frustrated town folks.

Nova the dog

Novi, on the other hand, was a sleek, enigmatic cat. With a penchant for climbing atop places she shouldn't and knocking over valuable artifacts in the town museum, she was as much a riddle as the Sphinx itself. But beneath her mischievous exterior, Novi was an old soul, forever in search of knowledge.

Novi the cat
Smiling Novi the cat
Playful Nova the dog

Nova and Novi became symbols of hope, proving that even the wildest spirits could find peace and purpose with the right guidance.

Capitalizing on their success, they introduced a line of products – UnRuffled Pets® products and behavioral guidance. Their symbols became synonymous with pet harmony.

Their adventures never ceased, but their mission was clear - to bring about an era where every dog and cat, with the right guidance and tools, could become the best version of themselves.

And so, from the heart of Behavia, the legend of Nova & Novi spread, transforming pet behavior, one household at a time.

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