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Walking in Harmony: Pheromones for Leash Training and Calmness

UnRuffled Pets® pheromones to help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs, which can indirectly aid in leash training. Here's how they might be involved in leash training:

Australian Shepard on a leash

Reducing anxiety: Some dogs may feel anxious or stressed when walking on a leash, especially if they are not accustomed to it. UnRuffled Pets® pheromone-based products, like calming sprays or collars, emit synthetic versions of calming pheromones that help reduce anxiety in some dogs and make them more receptive to leash training.

Positive associations: By using a pheromone-based product in conjunction with positive

reinforcement training, you can create positive associations with the leash and walking. When the dog smells UnRuffled Pets® pheromones, it may associate the leash with a more relaxed state of mind, making it easier to teach leash manners.

Distraction and redirection: In some cases, UnRuffled Pets® pheromones -based products can act as a mild distraction for dogs who are easily stimulated or reactive during walks. When a dog encounters stressful or triggering situations, the calming effects of the pheromones might help redirect their focus and prevent them from pulling or lunging.

It's important to note that while UnRuffled Pets® pheromones may offer some support, they

are not a substitute for proper leash training. Effective leash training involves consistent positive reinforcement, rewarding good behavior, and teaching your dog to walk beside you without pulling.

If you are considering using UnRuffled Pets® pheromones for leash training, consult with a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer first. They can provide guidance on whether such products may be suitable for your dog's specific needs and offer additional training advice to ensure successful leash training.



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