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How to Use Pheromones to Manage Your Pet's Food Begging and Stealing Behaviors

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Managing a pet's habit of begging for food or attempting to steal it can be challenging, but pheromones can be an effective tool to help address these behaviors. Pheromones are natural chemical signals that can influence your pet's behavior, often having a calming effect. Here's a guide on how to incorporate pheromones, specifically UnRuffled Pets® products, into your strategy:

Understanding Pheromones

Pheromones are chemical substances used by animals to communicate with each other. In pets, these can influence behaviors and moods. UnRuffled Pets® offers a range of pheromone products designed to create a calming environment for pets.

Types of UnRuffled Pets® Pheromone Products

Diffusers: Ideal for creating a calming atmosphere in a specific room.

Sprays: Great for targeted application in specific areas.

Collars: Provide a constant pheromone presence around your pet.

Wipes: Useful for applying the pheromone to objects or areas in your home.

Combating Food Begging and Stealing

Pre-Meal Preparation: Before your mealtimes, use UnRuffled Pets® diffusers in dining areas to create a calming environment. This can reduce your pet’s anxiety or excitement levels, which often contribute to food-begging or stealing behaviors.

Targeted Application: If your pet has specific spots where they tend to beg or attempt to steal food, use UnRuffled Pets® spray in those areas to promote calmness.

Wearing the Collar: Have your pet wear the UnRuffled Pets® collar, especially during your mealtimes or when they're most likely to display these behaviors. The constant exposure to calming pheromones can help reduce impulsivity.

Training Sessions: During training sessions to discourage begging or stealing, apply UnRuffled Pets® spray to a bandana around your pet's neck or in the training area. This can make them more receptive to learning.

Rewarding Positive Behavior: When your pet shows good behavior, such as not begging during mealtimes, reinforce this with treats, praise, and occasionally, UnRuffled Pets® spray or wipe as a positive reinforcement tool.

Regular Use: For the best results, use these pheromone products consistently. Regularly replace diffuser refills and ensure the collar is effective for continued benefit.

Additional Tips

Environmental Management: Along with using pheromones, manage your environment to prevent access to food. Keep food out of reach and use barriers if necessary.

Consistent Training: Combine the use of pheromones with consistent training. Teach commands like “leave it” or “sit” to manage these behaviors actively.

Consult a Professional: If you're unsure about using pheromones or if your pet’s food-related behaviors are severe, consult a veterinarian or animal behaviorist. They can provide tailored advice and ensure that you're using these products effectively.


Pheromones, like those in UnRuffled Pets® products, can play a significant role in managing your pet’s behavior. When combined with training, environmental management, and consistent routines, they can significantly reduce instances of food begging and stealing. Remember, patience and consistency are key in any behavioral modification process.


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