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UnRuffled Pets Mascot Novi on FAQ Page

¡Miau! Navegar por el reino del cuidado de mascotas puede ser tan intrincado como desenredar un ovillo de hilo, así que estoy aquí para hacer las cosas tan suaves como una acogedora siesta de gato - Novi

  • What is a Pheromone?
    A Pheromone is a chemical produced by a given species that affects the behavior or physiology of the same species. John J. McGlone, PhD "The Pheromone Site" Texas Tech University, Labratory of Animal Behavior, Physiology, and Behavior,
  • How do Pheromones work?
    Mammals sense chemical signals in aerosol or for liquid from. There are many olfactory organs. The two most prominent olfactory organs are the main olfactory epithelium with it is associated olfactory bulb and the vomeronasal organ which transmits neurons to the accessory and main olfactory bulbs. As a general, historical convention, aerosol chemicals were perceived by the Main Olfactory Epithelium (MOE) and liquid signals by the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO). And pheromones were thought to be sensed by the VNO. We know now that mammalian pheromones can be sensed by either the MOE or the VNO. However, the MOE perceives primarily gas or aerosolized chemicals and the VNO primarily liquid signals. John J. McGlone, PhD "The Pheromone Site - How do Pheromones Work?" Texas Tech University, Labratory of Animal Behavior, Physiology, and Behavior,
  • What is a Pheromone vs. Interomone?
    Pheromone: Pheromones are chemicals produced by one species that affect the physiology or behavior of animals of the same species. vs. Interomone: An Interomone is a chemical produced and released by one species that has an effect on another species' behavior or physiology. John J. McGlone, Ph.D. "The Pheromone and Interomone Concepts" Texas Tech University, Laboratory of Animal Behavior, Physiology, and Behavior,
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